No more excitement over Canon's 7D III ?

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Re: No more excitement over Canon's 7D III ?

Dareshooter wrote:

How does cropping increase noise ? Surely it just make what is already there more apparent along any other artefacts.

Noise does not necessarily mean pixel noise. Noise is scaleable, in imaging practice.

Do you reject the idea that the 5Ds has 0.66 stops less noise than the 70D at the same ISO, and that the D800 has 0.58 stops less than the D7000?
In both cases, the latter is for all intents and purposes a crop of the former, with about the same pixel-level characteristics. Bill Claff measures noise for crop mode in FF cameras, which is based on a similar principle.

If you look at two prints, both taken with Tri-X, using the same exposure, with the same FOV, but one uses a 8x10 sheet of film, and the other a 110 film frame, do they have the same noise/graininess?

For any given sensor and ISO (or film), the final image level noise depends on relative exposure, and how much of the sensor area you use.

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