XF18-55 vs XF16-55 - what am I missing?

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XF18-55 vs XF16-55 - what am I missing?

I'm not looking to trigger a fight, but require some input from those that are really familiar with these two lenses.

On paper ( see here  ) the 16-55 does not look all that great compared to the 18-55 lens. In fact, the 18-55 seems to outperform it's more expensive brother in some areas if you compare their MTF charts.

Yet the 16-55 appears to get rave commentary from people owning it.

Apart from the extra 2mm at the wide end, the WR, and the 1 stop faster aperture at longer FL's, why would it be a good move to get this lens ?

Considering the relatively hefty price tag, the much bigger and heavier body, and the lack of OIS - is it really worthwhile switching from the smaller gem to this beast?

On paper the 16-55 looks okay-ish but certainly not impressive at all, and I simply don't understand the excitement about it.

What am I missing here?


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