Okay, so I was wrong about IBIS

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Okay, so I was wrong about IBIS

I had the idea that IBIS was fairly limiting in it's ability to help, on the basis that if you are shooting with lighting gear it would solve the problem anyway but sometimes you forget about how important ambient is and I recently did a shoot in the forest, terrible dark conditions, cold, pouring with rain and there were a couple of things that came out.

1/125 on the 90mm isn't a whole lot of fun keeping the camera steady in cold conditions when you can't use a tripod) so when you need more ambient to complement the flash, having IBIS is a huge help, even at higher shutter speeds because having a steady hand isn't much help when it's cold and wet.

1/30 is awesome with the 90  (if the model can stay still but most should be able to). I didn't take too many at this speed because the model was working with 4 of us but if I was alone with her, I could have got her to keep still enough to do a lot more.

Yes, I know could have upped the ISO, but staying low meant better quality images so having IBIS is definitely an improvement. The longer shot is ISO1600 so I could have opted for a low shutter with ISO but it was part of the experimentation process of seeing what I could get.

Yes, I know the images below (the first at least) didn't have much ambient anyway but they are the ones I preferred out of the shoot.

So, in short, I was wrong. I apologise. It is a little more useful than I thought.

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