About the M50, compared to the NX1 - How can this be possible??!?

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Re: About the M50, compared to the NX1 - How can this be possible??!?

flip 21 wrote:


So much talk in the article about why the Canon is softer than the A6300, a camera which oversamples 4k. Then I do the same comparison with the GH4 or NX1 or any other 4k that was good enough two year back and the Canon looks equal if not sharper. Most people will be using 1080p with this camera anyway and it looks pretty good."

Am i blind? The NX1 being less sharper than the M50 in 4K video?!?!?!

Not blind.


Did find this however:
1. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-m50
2. Search for: TABLE OF CONTENTS
3. Select: 8 Video
4. Read entire section or scroll to bottom for this:
We take no pleasure in having to write so many negative paragraphs about a camera, but Canon has really dropped the ball on its first non-pro camera with 4K. There could be several reasons why the quality is low and the crop factors high, perhaps due to processing power and heat dispersion, but the bottom line is that virtually every other camera in this class does 4K better.

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