Will I need to take an external wind reducing mic when overseas?

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Re: Will I need to take an external wind reducing mic when overseas?

Brisn5757 wrote:

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

If you don't mind the built-in mic's quality, you could look at covering it with a custom dead cat.

This guy reviewing a video camera simply secured a cut out dead cat over the mics with an elastic band.

Thanks for the video link. I had a quick look at the video and so far have not seen any reference to using a dead cat over the mic with an elastic band. I might take another look at it later.

In the case of the Panasonic G7 you can't use a elastic band as it would likely get in the way of the cameras controls. Some material temp stick on with tape might work over the mic.
I don't understand why you can buy a piece of material similar to a dead cat to use temp on a camera.
Older cameras used foam over the mic but after a while the foam wore away.

Another thing I have noticed is the the cameras mic is picking up my breathing when using the cameras monitor. This might not be a problem if I'm using the view finder.


OIC, clicking the link takes you to the wrong time.  Go to 11:05 in the same clip.

The presenter says the same thing, questioning why cameras don't already come with a dead cat accessory for the built in mic.   Internal wind cut settings do a terrible job.

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