Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

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Re: Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

Digirame wrote:

Ah, but when you get that lens that only reaches a maximum of 400mm FL, will that be enough?

Certainly not. The problem is, that good enough solution would be large, heavy and bloody expensive, if it is to keep good parameters, and good outcome. I´ll also use a teleconverter.

How sharp do you want it and why?

razor sharp if possible. Reasons? Cropping, blasting it on 55" TV as slideshow, whatever.

Here's my latest photos with an older 18mp Canon Rebel and a G1 Tamron 150-600mm lens from 350mm to 600mm FL. Sure, I'd like to get better gear and eventually I will. But meanwhile it's great fun. It's only a hobby for me that I enjoy just about every weekend and sometimes a little more.

I appreciate it, and I´ll look into it more in the detail later.

Those are nice images, but It takes like 1/6th of my PC monitor 2560p. On 4K monitors and TV, it´s like postage stamp. That is not the way I need to go.

I know that now that I get out to 600mm FL (maximum) for wildlife, I don't think I would ever downsize to something like a 100-400mm lens.

If it provided enough resolution? SURE! The longer the better. But not at a price of worse images than what I could get with shorter lens and TC.

Has anyone done that?

I would like to hear more users for sure..

I don't know. I'd be curious if someone had done that from 150-600mm FL to 100-400mm FL, so they could get a little extra sharpness.

Little extra sharpness? Huh, here is TDP comparison:

Top One is sigma 100-400mm +1,4x TC teleconverted to 560mm.

That way, you´re looking at more or less the same image size output...

Yes, the sigma gets less light, but it is sharper, smaller, lighter, in my case cheaper.Also it is corner shot, but even at the mid frame, the sigma still wins, and not by a hair.

I´m using APS-C sensor, things get even more visible with greater "magnification".

The Tamron lens was stopped down to f/9 on that image, and still could not keep up. I don´t even need to show you the wide open mess.

Please note, that I am not trying to put down you or your gear. I´m in a proces of choosing telefohoto lens, and I´m after sharpness and resolution. Your proposal doesn´t look attractive to my eyes, and that´s it. So I wonder, what better choice can I do...

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