How does Mirror-less Phased Detection work in comparison with SLT

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Re: Google Pixel 2 DPAF?

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Entropy512 wrote:

In general, the approach is some method by which a sensel is not centered under the microlens. This can either be a half-masked sensel under a normal microlens paired with another nearby half-masked sensel (Fuji, older Sonys, probably others), dual sensels under each microlens (Canon DPAF), or large microlens covering two adjacent photosites (Techinsights calls this Sony approach "Dual PDAF").

Do you know how the DPAF on Google's Pixel 2 works? It works very well for AF and also for generating depth maps that are used for emulating shallow depth of field.


Not sure - but if it's called DPAF it's probably similar to Canon's.

There seems to be a situation where Canon has been willing to license the DPAF patents to companies that are producing products (smartphone sensors) in areas where they don't compete.  In fact I believe some Sony smartphone sensors have DPAF - although they're manufactured by Sony for Samsung, and likely Samsung is the one that licensed the patents.

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