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If you have ever mounted a large heavy lens such as the Nikon 500 or 600 lenses on a ball head, the knob control is much less stable then with the two control knobs on the gimbal. You can loosen the knobs on a gimbal just a little and have a freely swinging camera and lens easy to align the focus bracket on your subject. With a ball head it is so awkward to align the focus bracket on your subject and much less stable for protecting your equipment. A good gimbal head is necessary for a good safe platform for your equipment.


Ok, I agree with that, too, but then, the question was about the 200-500, which is not quite in that weight league.

This is what he needs - nothing else, nothing bigger. 5 star reviews


And knock yourself out using any long lens on a ball head. Sure you can do it. I put my 500 f4VR with TC on my BH-55. But don't have a memory lapse.

Or much cheaper if he has a good ball head:


Strange looking setup. Extra places to add a lost of stability too.

You get over the looks after 2 seconds. The Wimberly Sidekick (the inspiration for Induro's knock-off) is fantastically stable for a 300mm/2.8 + 2XTC when used on an RRS BH-55. I used that setup when giving a rented 200-500 a try, with my 300 as a referee. It was as stable as needed. The only annoyance was the shifting center of gravity when zooming the 200-500, an issue for any gimbal arrangement of course.

The Induro version will stand or fall based on their particular execution of the concept, not the concept itself.

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