Help with camera decision - 1" or mirrorless for family, sports, indoors

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Help with camera decision - 1" or mirrorless for family, sports, indoors

I currently have a Panasonic FZ300. I have enjoyed this camera but am having some issues with it and rather than repair it, I am ready to get something new. I want to make the leap to a 1" sensor or possibly a mirrorless. My main subjects are casual family photos indoors and outdoors, and taking pictures at my kids sporting events. I like to take photos of all the kids and share with the parents. They do not expect professional quality prints but most parents do not even take pictures so are pleased with what I share. I am currently in baseball season but will also do soccer and indoor basketball. I realize indoor pictures are more tricky.

The catch to all of this is I primarily take photos in auto, sports or P mode. I still have not alloted enough time to learn all that my current camera can do and most likely will not have much time to invest in learning manual settings with a new one either. I am looking for recommendations on camera choices for something that will give me a better quality image straight out of the camera in those modes. My budget is under $1000 preferably but may bump up slightly if sold on something else. I am not sure about the whole lens changing aspect of a mirrorless but am possibly considering it if the picture quality is great. I love the zoom reach with my FZ300 so that concerns me a bit on many of my options. Although, I have been told that if I get a better quality picture then I can do more cropping after the picture is taken but that is more work to do afterwards.  Any help in decision making is greatly appreciated.  I am currently testing a G3X right now but it seems like the time it takes after taking each picture is slower than my FZ300.  I have not had a chance to test it outdoors yet with sports though.

The ones I have currently considered:

Panasonic - I do get employer discount on Panasonics but am willing to consider other brands.

ZS200 ($619 company discount)

FZ1000 ($599)

FZ2500 ($779 company discount)

GX85 ($699 with 12-32 & 45-150mm lens)

Sony -

A6000 ($748 with 16-50 and 55-210 lens)

Canon -

G3X ($899)

M100 ($949 with 15-45 and 55-200)

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