I almost left MFT for a Sony A7R iii. Forgive me father for I have sinned

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Re: I almost left MFT for a Sony A7R iii. Forgive me father for I have sinned

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If I shoots mainly movie I would do the same, but since I don't shoot video at all so to me A7R III is in different league.

Well, I dunno. I'm a stills photographer only and run m43 (Oly) out of choice. I tried the A7rii (twice) and I found that whilst it offered improved IQ in general, the improvement wasn't big enough to offset the feature disadvantages compared to Olympus (bigger and heavier lenses, poorer IBIS, no Livetime/comp, more limited range of native lenses, weaker ergonomics, worse weather sealing). I'm not saying of course that the Sony isn't a great camera, just that "different league" is somewhat of an exaggeration. It doesn't necessarily suit everyone.

I heard you, if one doesn't see/need the improvement of the FF, there is no point to get into it, all personal preference and standard, I was just saying in my eyes there is pretty huge difference, and I will call it different league any day again, a few stops in high ISO, that alone already make my ISO 6400 Milky Way picture much cleaner, and the thin DOF I can get from a FF 85 F1.2 and 85 i.4 lens that I will never be able to get it from my OMD no matter how much money I am willing to spend, and the DR I can get out of the D850 and A7R II I can only dream about it with my OMD, even with the D850 some times have to lift the shadow a lot when shooting against the sun during Sunset sunrise time with deep shadow foreground trees and mountain, with my OMD I normally need to shoot 3 or 4 bracketing and hope clouds or sun or moon doesn't move so I can blend them in PP, but I can normally do single shot with my 850 or 7R II, the uncompressed raw has enormous headroom for shadow lifting,.......all in all, for the things I do and the way do it, yes, these camera are in fact in different league. I do agree with you one single camera doesn't fit everyone, some people are better suit with the iphone some better fit with a medium format, we all choose our system for our own reason/requirement/preference.

Yes for high contrast landscape stills FF will win out every time. That is probably the main area of benefit of having a camera like the Sony.

I do a lot of landscape photography, often with a 10-stop ND and still find that I can get way more than acceptable images with m43.  Pulling shadows of course is not as easy, but OTOH, there are tricks that the Oly has that allow me to compensate.

This might include bracketing and stacking - 60fps electronic shutter means I can stack 5 frames in almost no time and then merge in LR.  It's very fast and can deliver excellent results, like this:

5-shot bracketed sequence.

Another example is LiveTime.  I often will use a black card that I wiggle in front of the camera to mask off the sky as the LiveTime image builds on the rear screen.  Once the foreground looks well-enough "cooked", I remove the card and let the sky build until I'm happy with that.  Then in PP, I have very little shadow lifting to do.   This shot was created that way:

Livetime exposure where top of image was masked with a black card for some of the exposure time.

I know that the A7Rii/iii or the Nikon D850 would deliver even more capability, but I think I'd be into diminishing returns.  At the end of the day so long as the gear delivers what you need then that should be enough!

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