Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

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Re: Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 and which teleconverter?

John Sheehy wrote:

thetusk wrote:

I´m particularly concerned when I see these 150-600mm lenses compared to 100-400 mm lenses with, or without teleconverters:

To me it seems that the 100-400mm is better choice.

One thing a 600/6.3 lens always has going for it, though, is the larger entrance pupil than a 400/5.6.

Well, While I generaly agree, it doesn´t say that much about the final outcome, when things are less than ideal.

This means less noise when exposure is limited, and shallower subject-relative DOF possible, from the same distance.

Sure. There are advantages, and there are disadvantages to the thing. To the proposal...

A slightly sharper lens + TC with a smaller entrance pupil requires less sharpening for fine detail display, and may not be much disadvantaged for heavy crops and such, but when you fill the frame the low-frequency noise tends to dominate, and the larger entrance pupil always helps with that.

What I see is 150-600mm being so horrible at corners, and having more vignetting, that it is easily offset, ESPECIALLY wide open, but even when the larger lens is stopped down, so it doesn´t run anywhere.

The important thing is what determines your shutter speed; if the subject is still and IS can get you slower shutter speeds, then the lens with better IS may get you the least noisy shot.

Absolutely. I see no free lunch. Just pointed out different choice can be done for some.

If the shutter speed is determined by subject motion, however, and IS is not sufficient, then the larger entrance pupil will get you the least noise.

The problem I see with this case is, that the Tamron lens wide open at 600mm with crop camera is very blurry, and unusable until downsampled to one half, or one quarter resolution, or the lens needs to be stopped down a lot, and so on. So the advantage goes away if image quality aspects are important.

The 400mm sigma outright resolves more at corners at 400mm than what 150-600mm resolves.

Decisions, decisions.

Absolutely. I´m thinking about my telephoto lens decision, and I still cannot decide. Is there any other option in this class and money?

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