D850 vs D810 for landscape use

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Re: D850 vs D810 for landscape use

and partly due to the AA filter

Yes, no blur filter on top of the sensor.  I used to read that there was greater sharpness without the filter.  I had a comparison image between D7200 and D750 that seemed to show this.  I had it suggested to me that part of the perceived sharpness improvement was fake sharpness caused by aliasing and I don't know enough to dispute that.  When downsampled a bit I don't know how much this matters anyway.  My monitor has just over 100 dots per inch but I understand that you should print at 200 or more dots per inch which automatically downsamples your image.  I want an image to not appear soft when viewed at 100% but this seems to be irrelevant to the final image.  I took the D750 image from the comparison above, sharpened it a bit, and used it as a background for my dual monitors at work and it retains a lot of detail even when viewed up close, and scanned across 2 monitors the image is about 40" wide.  So if you can print a D750 image the equivalent of about 26x40 and it retains detail when viewed up close, that's pretty good.

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