Can't decide between M100, M6 or M50 ? :(

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Can't decide between M100, M6 or M50 ? :(

Hi, I'm an amateur photographer, mostly take photos for Instagram with my smartphone. I also have Nikon D3000 + 35mm f/1.8G lens, because i really love portrait + city photography and shallow depth of field.

Recently I decided to switch to Canon EOS M platform. I find my Nikon:

  • Too old
  • Too big
  • Too heavy for traveling
  • 50mm equivalent is less flexible than 35mm equivalent

Reading through I understood, that I either have to go with larger sensor size (Canon, Fuji, Sony) or large apperture, such as Panasonic f/1.4.
I was also looking at Nikon D5500, but despite being 100g lighter it's still big, and it's auto-focus in video is really bad with constant hump-hump seeking for focus.

  • Disgust Sony, because 5100 is too old, 6500 is too pricy and pricy lenses
  • Disgust Fuji, because are really pricy
  • Disgust Panasonic & Olympus, because of pricy lenses
  • Disgust Nikon, because bad video
  • * I am here
  • Choose between Canon M models

I will be taking EF-M 22mm lens along with any Canon M model as primary lens.

But I can't really decide between the new Canon M100, M50 and M6 models.

M100 - 635$
+ cheapest
+ lightest at 302g
- lacks comfortable grip
M6 - 708$
+ still affordable
+ comfortable grip
+ hotshoe and mic jack (but don't really need)
- weight 390g

M50 - 850$
+ comfortable grip
+ hotshoe and mic jack and evf (but don't really need)
+ 4k
- weight 387g
- pricy
Should I get my crap together and go for M100+22mm, or am I missing something ?
I know I will lack any IS, as there's no IBIS or optical, but oh well...

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