New to printing do i need a software rip?

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Re: New to printing do i need a software rip?

My original post was on point.  I described my move away from a RIP, to give the OP perspective from someone whom has used both RIP and non-RIP workflows.  My second response was only necessary to clarify the incorrect statements you made about QImage, as misinformation is not helpful (seems like you haven't used it much, yet saw fit to judge it). Moreover, I don't recall saying QImage was the ONLY non RIP option.  Thus I think you last post, by describing alternative options, is consistent with mine on that point.

Bottom line - Print Quality for photographs: RIP not necessary.

Bottom line - Workflow: RIP not necessary.

I am not saying that RIPs aren't good.  I am simply saying they are not necessary.  This is my opinion,  and is my restated response to OP's question.

ich4242 wrote:


This thread is about whether the OP needs a RIP.

And Q-image then came up . . .

All the functionality you describe can be done in Photoshop. Nothing in Photoshop needs be done in a destructive way.

I don't need the functions you describe, and certainly not in a repetitive or quick-changing environment.

In fact, all the functionality you describe, and far, far more are best handled, in a commercial printing situation like mine, in a page-layout/imposition environment (In-Design, Quark Xpress, Imposition-PDF software). Such programs make Q-image pale by comparison but are vast overkill, and might be cumbersome for just printing images. (Sort of like taking a Ferrari out just to get a carton of milk. But heck, if your kid is using the family sedan, and all you've got is the Ferrari, well . . . )

I can't speak to Windows, but the Mac OS in association with just about any program at all and printer-specific drivers from the printer manufacturer can easily handle just about any image output tasks.

The specific design features of Q-image do go beyond basic output, but not the capabilities of graphic-oriented programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and any of the similar programs from companies other than Adobe.

If the presets, templates, layouts, formatting, saved states, etc in Q-image save you time and effort, great. Go for it.


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