Mobile Feature Request 1. Show EXIF And 2. Show forum pagination

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Re: Mobile Feature Request 1. Show EXIF And 2. Show forum pagination

MajorIssues wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

vlad_b wrote:

rxb dc wrote:

I usually use the site and the forums on my phone.

It would be very helpful if you could add two features:

  1. Allow viewing EXIF of posted photographs
  2. And show pagination on long forum posts
  3. And if possible, use the same page counts as desktop browser - right now, going from an email link to forum post - you always land on the wrong page

Thank you for your feedback. We have some plans to improve the mobile forum experience in the near future, and we will look into these suggestions. #3 is definitely a bug that should be fixed.

Regarding pagination - is it because the long posts take a long time to load? We often find ourselves trying to find the right balance between pagination and scrolling for different parts of the site,

On mobile site, I'd like no "pages". Keep it simple. Just scroll. I use threaded

so I'd be curious to hear what makes you interested in pagination for (I assume flat view?) threads.


Or, if it shows you if someone has commented on a thread you did, when you click on the notification, why not send me to that specific new post.

Because I don't use flat view!

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