So much for smaller size and lower weight

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Cinema 4k24p vs 30p uhd: 20.3mp+ entry level 100mm FF.equiv.FoV ...
  • Cinema
  • 4k24p vs 30p uhd
  • 20.3mp+
  • entry level budget prices ...
  • 100mm FF.equiv.FoV (Portrait FL)

Canon EOS M50:+ EF 40 f/2.8 STM:

  • 517 g (100.88mm f4) dof: f7.1 @ 40mm
  • 4k24p uhd (3.84k straight read)
  • 24mp APSC stills

Xiaoyi Yi M1 + 12-40mm f3.5-5.6:

  • 280 g (body incl. battery)
  • + kit zoom wt: ??? g (100mm f??) @ 35.49mm
  • 4k30p uhd (3.84k straight read)
  • 20.29mp (DNG) m43 stills

Sony A7III + FE 85mm f/1.4 GM:

  • 1,470 g (body+lens)
  • 85.0mm @ 4k24p uhd (6k-to-3.84k oversample)
  • 106.25mm @ 4k30p uhd (crop) (4.8k to 3.84k oversample)
  • 24mp FF stills

As from

■ using a tool according to its specific features for an intended goal ...

go light, or go heavy

choose whichever suits one's needs & budget

switch to other system variations, for maximum flexibility

shoot within limits of capabilities ... they vary with what one uses

cherries, anyone?

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