Four different shooting positions of the same subject

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Re: Four different shooting positions of the same subject

John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

Can you clarify something please? Did you really have "different shooting positions" for these shots, or is it actually a series of shots from pretty much the same position, just with different zoom/focal length settings?

I ask mainly because you mention "perspective", and as I understand these things, pictures taken from the same position (i.e. without "zooming with your feet") will have the same perspective; changing focal length will only alter the field/angle of view.

Hi John,

The focal length is pretty much all the same the info on the pics shows from 13,14,14,15mm so relatively the same for all 4.

Regarding the last versions I posted camera position wise

1 is shot at eye level

2 I shot at about belt buckle level

3 I was the lowest, at about knee height

4 Was again at eye level, but I stretched up as high as I could and the perspective allowed me to angle a bit more downward, in 4 I also stepped up closer to the entrance arch and was positioned just outside it but framing cuts it off

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