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Re: A7iii stripe issues getting more reports from users

lxymichael wrote:

Over the last few days I've seen more and more people post A7iii photos with strange stripes in face of strong light source, in Chinese photography forums and social media.

I understand this is due to the PDAF module on the sensor. I am just curious whether US customers are finding the same as A7iii start to get shipped. Questions like when this would occur and what measures can be done to offset this effect will be interesting.

I didn't see too much discussion here in Europe but I suspect there will be more. As in the Netherlands, it's nearly sold out in every store.

This is a Very Real issue.  Went out today and shot with the A7 III for the second time.  I was shooting at F6.3 even, as soon as the sun flare or backlit scene presented itself, STRIPES!  Big Time.  How are we supposed to fix this?  Check out the image.

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