New systems, and legacy lenses

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Re: New systems, and legacy lenses

davidedric wrote:

I have read many threads from posters changing systems (often from dslr to a mirrorless kit), and very much wanting to be able to use their existing lenses via an adaptor, often with some loss of operability.

For me, this is missing out on a lot. The days when the lens was a "dumb" set of (often superb!) glass put on the front of the camera are long gone: now we have a two part computer with cooperating parts in the lens and body. So I wonder what drives the thinking.

Economics: make good use of existing lenses?

Image quality: these are superb lenses, and I want to carry on using them?

Nostalgia: I just really like my old lenses?

Something else?

When I moved from not very expensive or extensive dslr to m4/3, I just wanted to jump into and embrace a new world, and obviously was fortunate to be able to afford it.

How about you?


Not a problem for me, when I bought the Panasonic G1 , I also bought over time the lenses I wanted / needed, then came out the Olympus E-M5, bought it, but all my Panasonic I could use on the Olympus.....

When the Fuji X-T1 came on the market I bought it, but could not use the Panasonic lenses anymore, so  sold these, and bought several XF lenses for the X-T1....

I never keep anything what I don't use :-D.........


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