No more excitement over Canon's 7D III ?

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Re: No more excitement over Canon's 7D III ?

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

The specs are not made public but 'more video oriented' and 'tilted touch screen' make me nervous. We as wildlife and sports shooters don't need this fancy stuff.

The AF is already great, ok AF could be a bit faster and better and more AF tweaking is also nice but these are minor issues.

What are the biggest downsides of the 7DII (still an amazing camera of course)?

1. Noise

2. Dynamic Range

All birdshooters have to crop, and when you crop noise increases and the lack of dynamic range shows. So, these are bigger problems than it seems.

Let them fix that, please

How does cropping increase noise ? Surely it just make  what is already there more apparent along any other artefacts.

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