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Abbazz wrote:

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Abbazz wrote:

An APS-C Merrill sensor does resolve more detail (luminance and chrominance) than a Quattro in certain circumstances, like for example for low contrast patterns:

The Pentax K-1 does the best pixel-shift without colour artifacts.

In this particular situation, the Merill delivers way more detail than the Pentax K-1 in pixel-shift mode (or the Quattro / Quattro-H):

As mentioned in other threads, that is not detail in the Merrill view. The camera has reached and exceeded its limit at resolving detail in the scene, and started drawing little white lines between all the edges. You are mistaking artefacts as detail in the scene.

If you like that, fine. Some of us are here because we like accuracy and realism.

Here are some DPR test file comparison snippets, with a reference image in the middle. All processed with minimum sharpening and NR.

DP1 Merrill on the left, Phase One IQ180 middle, sdQH (X3F) right.

High contrast resolution. Merrill, IQ180, sdQH

Instead of blurring when beaten, the Merrill starts modifying things in the above image.

Low contrast resolution. Merrill, IQ180, sdQH

Compared to reference, the above Merrill is full of artefacts. Understandable mistake to think it is detail in the actual scene. Impressive illusion. Question: is it better for low-contrast areas to look like low contrast?

Merrill, IQ180, sdQH

Compared to reference, the above Merrill is full of artefacts, almost anywhere you look. The Quattro has some too (the mirror!), but in most areas it is much, much closer to reference/realism.

LW/PH test. Merrill, reference, Quattro H

We have seen the LW/PH visual test scene before, but including the reference brings into relief which Sigma is performing better.

Merrill, reference, Quattro H

What does the brush head really look like? What does the backboard really look like? You have to pick the Quattro over the Merrill if you are interested in the answers to those questions.


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