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EHarris05 wrote:

I have been shooting with a Nikon D600 and have noticed that the photos are in DX format (like 4 X 6) on the camera screen and once downloaded to my computer in PHOTOS (Mac). I shot with a D610 for four years with the same result. Can anyone tell me why I am not getting full frame photos? I do have FX selected as ON in my shooting menu as well as DX auto lens to OFF. The reason I question this is I used to shoot with a Canon Powershot 70 in 2005, and it shot in full frame. The photos from that camera are larger (not in terms of megapixels but in viewing on the monitor) than my D600/610 photos. Thanks for you help.

The term “Full Frame” refers to the size of the sensor.  The “aspect ratio” for Full Frame is 4x6 (often shown as 3x2).

Full Frame (known among Nikon users as FX) and crop mode (what Nikon calls DX) are _both_ 4x6 aspect ratios.

What software are you using to see your photos on a computer?  Are the “larger” photos from your Canon a different shape (closer to a square than the 4x6 rectangle)?

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