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Re: Challenges

I fully agree with you Anisah. There are issues with sandbagging and cheating, yet I do not recall an obvious case of a totally undeserving entry winning a challenge.

There seems to be a consensus that the top three or so entries in a challenge cannot possibly have a legitimate 0.5 assigned; and that a 3.0 vote or lower should be justified (3.0 is above average on the DPR scale). This is simply not realistic or viable. It is a big world and there is going to be disagreement on what is and is not "pretty".

Multiple accounts need to be detected and eliminated to reduce sandbagging.

Entrants need to remain anonymous and comments not allowed until after the voting phase to reduce undue influence.

Hosts need to keep their rules as simple as can be done for a given subject and be prepared for a different idea or what "creative" really is.

If someone thinks they have a master piece that will get straight 5.0's they need to go to a professional photo contest (Nat Geo) not DPR Challenges.

If someone wants to get constant feed back and instruction so as to become a good photographer they need to go to school not DPR Challenges.

If someone wants to have a little fun and perhaps learn a bit about their photography the DPR challenges should be the place for you..

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