Poll: Which lens would you use with a D850 for landscape work?

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Re: Poll: Which lens would you use with a D850 for landscape work?

Cerebral Knievel wrote:

Westmill wrote:

The tamron 15-30 is the choice pick with ease. It is without doubt, excellent.

That said.... I tried it for landscape as an only lens. Got some great images of course, but I found myself wishing for a longer focal length too many times. I would personally opt for the 24-70 myself. In fact I would be tempted to use the 24-120 over the 24-70.

I'm thinking... stopped down to F8-F11 you would be hard pushed to see any difference in image quality over either of the 24-70 lenses. It has VR too, is smaller and much lighter to boot. Great close focus, and that extra range is very much an added bonus indeed.

The 24-70 produces vastly superior image quality to the 24-120, and I say that as someone who uses the latter (in walkaround traveling scenarios - not for marquee shots).

I'll also mention that the Tamron produces some good color and excellent flare control, but that my copy was not highly impressive in terms of sharpness. It may be that I drew an unfortunate unit, but product consistency is also an important element and is known to be less of an issue with brands such as Nikon (or better yet, Zeiss) than with brands such as Tamron or Tokina.

I say as someone who has owned and used 3 24-70 g versions, 1 24-70 VR version and both the old and new tamron 24-70 versions and 3 copies of the 24-120 !

The copy variation for the 24-120 seems vast. My first copy was like yours... crap My second copy was better but still not great. The copy I have now, as you would say... is vastly superior to the two previous copies. Maybe I should have stated ( if you can lay your hands on a good copy ) within my statement. Otherwise... my words stand correctly !  Which was... if using at F8 - F11 you would see little difference !

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