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Re: Rise of Fuji X + Sony = is because M43 unable to answer that question

RED i wrote:

007peter wrote:

There is obviously a large amount of people not sold on the M43 Cool aids

Uncaring m43 and Linux user here, did someone say spiked Kool Aid? Where?

I don't think that you want to drink the original spiked "Kool Aid".  That's the one from Jonestown.  It was some sort of grape "ade" spiked with four poisons (including cyanide); and it killed over 900 people (including over 300 children).

The incident led to the pop-culture phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid".  I'm sure the company that holds the Kool-Aid trademark does not appreciate that association!  Curiously enough, Wikipedia says that the actual drink mix was of some other brand called "Flavor Aid".  I guess that "Flavor Aid" wasn't familiar enough to become part of a meme …

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