MFT vs Mirrorless

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Re: I want you to answer this for me:

confused circle wrote:

NowHearThis wrote:

OIS or IBIS is a mandatory feature for me.

Why when you are shooting people and have big apertures?

1) As I said in my post, I have a natural handshake now (enhanced a bit by some medicine that I’ll be on forever now).  But I won’t complain.  My kidney transplant is going strong; I’m coming up on my 1 yr anniversary on the 25th.

2) My favorite type of lighting for portraits is light to mid overcast days.  0 shadows, perfectly even light.  All I need is fill light to brighten the eyes.   In looking back at some past shots, it’s amazing how many (as in most) of them didn’t go over 1/200 sec even when using f/1.7 on two of my lenses that can open that much.

And what's wrong with the Canon 50/1.2 or a Sigma Art, maybe the 50-100?

Nothing except for price, size, weight, & adapters.  The new Sigma 50/1.4, for example, weighs 810g, that’s heavier than both my Pen-F and my PL12-60 combined and the 50-100 is twice as heavy as that and both would require adapters for any of the mirrorless cameras.  I know they are both great lenses, but no thank you.  I’ll stick with my 130g 42.5/1.7 which is good enough and sharp enough for a 30x40” print.  Also adapters are dealbreakers for me, you no longer have a small set up in most cases - you don’t have a small set up with either of these Sigma lenses in the first place.

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