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Re: Rise of Fuji X + Sony = is because M43 unable to answer that question

007peter wrote:

Woo, your valid question is going to raise a butt load of hurt feeling here 😈😯😯😯

M43 makes most sense when it stay Small & Beautiful, at affordable price.

But when M43 started to chase after Expensive Pro marker with LARGER & HEAVIER Body, it has essentially given up on its unique selling points and also its reasons to exist.

If I want BIG, its cheaper to stick with DSLR.

If I want the PRO LOOK, Canon & Nikon DSLR has the most "PRO" credentials.

When I examine the physical difference between $2000 Pro mirrorless market, Sony A7 III is smaller than both APS-C Fuji H1, Panasonic Gh5 and Gh5s yet offering superior Lowlights and Dynamic Range smaller sensor can't match.

I see the rise if Fuji X System & Sony A6xxx (to a lesser extend) as M43 ability to answer your questions. There is obviously a large amount of people not sold on the M43 Cool aids

As I said before, the major strength of the M43 system is that scales, running the gamut from very compact with good performance, all the way up to excellent performance, but sacrificing a significant portion of that size advantage to do so.   Scaling means that both bases are well covered,.

Thus far, Panasonic has done a good job covering both the high end and the small end (with cameras like the GX9  and GX850)

Olympus may however be losing the script at the smaller more compact end, with the uninspired selfie-oriented E-PL9 being their only recent offering in that space, and the E-M10 mkIII being a dumbing down of it's predecessor.

Personally,  I think the available choice of bodies already has all of the features and performance I need.   But I would not be in the system if it didn't have highly capable SMALL cameras like the E-PL7 and GX85 and GX9.  The bigger excellent performing choices are not all that different from those available from Sony or Fujifilm,  But really small while still excellent ILC cameras cannot be gotten anywhere else.

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