MFT vs Mirrorless

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Rise of Fuji X + Sony = is because M43 unable to answer that question

Woo, your valid question is going to raise a butt load of hurt feeling here 😈😯😯😯

M43 makes most sense when it stay Small & Beautiful, at affordable price.

But when M43 started to chase after Expensive Pro marker with LARGER & HEAVIER Body, it has essentially given up on its unique selling points and also its reasons to exist.

If I want BIG, its cheaper to stick with DSLR.

If I want the PRO LOOK, Canon & Nikon DSLR has the most "PRO" credentials.

When I examine the physical difference between $2000 Pro mirrorless market, Sony A7 III is smaller than both APS-C Fuji H1, Panasonic Gh5 and Gh5s yet offering superior Lowlights and Dynamic Range smaller sensor can't match.

I see the rise if Fuji X System & Sony A6xxx (to a lesser extend) as M43 ability to answer your questions. There is obviously a large amount of people not sold on the M43 Cool aids

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