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Re: Would be nice if you'd quote me correctly...

Holistic Photog wrote:

katastrofa wrote:

As someone else mentioned, in your first post, it wasn't actually a signature, but part of your comment, so it's more fair game to comment on.

Although why would anyone waste their time commenting on it, is beyond my comprehension. I'm a 100% atheist, but when I read the OPs credo, I thought "well, that's just your opinion man" and moved on. Maybe such statements trigger people who otherwise do not have much to contribute.

Yes, that's a nice sentiment, and it's a similar sentiment to one I expressed in my post and you didn't quote in your reply. I'm not saying you did it intentionally, but I consider it cherry-picking of my post that leaves out relevant information to your reply.

This is part of the rest of my post:

"As to why anyone would care about it, I have no idea. Then again, I don't know why you care either if you got some comments on it. But I haven't seen any of the comments you're referring to. Perhaps they were deleted."

My point was I don't know why anyone would care about it or want to comment on it, but they have as much right to comment on it (in a polite way of course) as the OP has to comment on God in his post (not in his signature).

So, I pretty much said a similar thing in a different way in a part of my post you omitted. I'm also an atheist, as everyone here seems fond of proclaiming, but I don't know why you need to tell me that. I couldn't care less.

p.s. If you want to make controversial, religious, or off-topic statements in your signature, make sure not to remove the dashes that delineate the signature from the post. It is the OP's fault as much as anyone else here IMO. There's no harm if you accidentally or intentionally remove the dashes that delineate the signature if you have some camera related thing or something more on topic in your signature. But be more careful if you have some religious stuff in there. It's not really too much to ask IMO. Just read your post and make sure the signature is properly delineated. Otherwise edit or delete it. If you look at the OP's posting history, it seems to be a mistake he makes often. Perhaps he's just careless about those little dashes. Or perhaps he's looking to make his views more prominent in his posts. It's difficult to tell why he so often has his signature blended with his posts. I will point out that his grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is generally good, so he doesn't strike me as being as careless or haphazard as most people. A lot of people in online forums make it painful to read their posts, so I do appreciate it when someone takes the time and pays attention to sentence structure, punctuation, etc.

Careful there. Some narrow minded moderater has been removing posts from those making polite suggestions that religious beliefs should not form the main part of someones posting. Although not all would agree with this clearly, it is still a legitimate view to express and posts should not be delated by the more narrow minded who have the authority to do so

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