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Why go to a MFT when today's APC mirrorless camera body and lens combination are the same size or smaller than the current high performance MFT?

Hmmm... is there an APC system that reaches out to 800mm and weighs under 4 pounds?

Make a trip to Japan and have a look at the cameras being carried around by the Japanese people. It is either some DSLR gear, usually the bigger stuff if, or some mirrorless, and then, believe it or not, in many cases Sony E / APS-C with small lenses. MFT can be seen, but I encountered it more often for example in Berlin than anywhere in Japan. I also have seen some serious Sony FE setups.

So if you stand there and ask whether your setup is possible with a different system: Possibly not. If you look at the whole picture, things are maybe not as relevant as you may think. That is also the reason why I think OP is right: Sony has quite the nice offerings, and cameras which give you decent quality while still fitting into the handbag are more than welcome. And no, it is not like MFT has nothing in that regard; I just noticed how things are. The why is something someone else has to answer for.

Just for fun you should go and find the sales of mirror less in Japan. Year after year Olympus outsales Sony

You just made  left turn in the discussion. I wasn't thinking about the business side of things although I suppose my question did imply the potential end of life of MFT.

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