MFT vs Mirrorless

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False information

bmoag wrote:

A fundamental difference between m43 and other formats in my use of them is that lens correction software is built into the electronics of m43 lenses and applied to the image in-camera whether raw or jpeg.

Thats nonsense. It's not how it works.

Yes, Micro 4/3 was designed to take full advantage of digital nature of current photography gear. That's why every Micro 4/3 lens has embedded information that allows software to correct for some lens aberrations. This is different to older systems, notably DSLRs, where lens correction information resides in the body (or at least did in the past, that might have changed).

But the raw files are mostly unaffected by this. The only feature that applies corrections to a raw file is "Shading Compensation" on Olympus cameras. But you have to explicitly enable it. Other than that, all corrections are only applied to JPEGs.

Here's an example of how that works in practice.

Because of that lens correction software my experience has been that the basic level of performance of native m43 lens is generally less problematic than what I might expect from comparable lenses for other formats regardless of pricing tier.

Can you point me to any currently sold interchangeable lens camera that does not support lens corrections with at least first party lenses?

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