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lds2k wrote:

Why go to a MFT when today's APC mirrorless camera body and lens combination are the same size or smaller than the current high performance MFT?

Background: Once upon a time MFT was the answer to the bulkiness of APC/FX DSLRs with their flapping mirror boxes that significantly contributed to the size of the camera and the size of the attached lenses. I started with MFT in 2012 with the Olympus EM 5 and although it produces terrific images I used it less and less. I originally went to MFT because I got tired of lugging around my Nikon D800 for day to day shooting. As it turned out I used the Nikon for special occasions. As someone said in this forum you don't see MFT at the Olympics.

Then along came the serious mirrorless camera by SONY (I think). The camera was much smaller and the physics of lens design made many of the lenses smaller as well. However, over time this advantage started to diminish as mirrorless camera lenses got faster and faster (f2.8, f4).

Then came the current crop of mirrorless APC camera and lenses and once again the size is as good or better than the current MFT offerings.

So, Why go to a MFT when today's APC mirrorless camera body and lens combination are the same size or smaller than the current high performance MFT?

Lets play a game. Lets pretend that not everybody has the same needs. I know i know it sounds crazy but just humor me. I bought ML (MFT), three different times actually. Not once was it for size, and, in an alternate universe, if size was an important factor, it might not have been the most important one.

If we were to pretend that sensor size was higher on the list than overall kit size, why stop at apsc? Why stop at FF? Go straight for the Fuji GFX. Or, lets put price above even size, lets say a person is looking for a small camera but only if it's a bargain price. There's not much to choose from in the apsc market like that, and the ones that are there are fairly old tech.

Sony has the A6000 which is missing common features like silent mode, Fuji has older models like the XE1 but like the Sony, missing basic ML features like silent mode, and the AF is pretty aged. On the other hand, Panasonic has had extremely fast AF for several generations, as well as Silent mode, touch screen, and 4k. And many options with all this can be had for super low prices now.

If somebody is after ML, there's a lot of overall choice in any system, but not at any price. MFT has the most lens options, the deepest lines of generations, and all at the biggest variation of prices. So why go to MFT? Because there's more than just size at stake.

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