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The title of this thread is misleading. The Micro Four Thirds system is an example of a mirrorless interchangeable lens (MILC) system, not an alternate to one.

Background: Once upon a time MFT was the answer to the bulkiness of APC/FX DSLRs with their flapping mirror boxes that significantly contributed to the size of the camera and the size of the attached lenses.

Here we see the flaws of doing a size/weight comparison between FF/APS-C DSLRs and M4/3 MILCs, and attributing differences to the viewfinder technology.

Sensor size affects lens design, both in terms of required focal lengths, and in terms of required coverage area.

The M4/3 system ends up with the smallest, lightest lenses – NOT because it lacks the "flapping mirror" that mirrorless advocates so love to demonize – but because it has a small sensor; something that a new DSLR system could be designed to have, too.

I believe it is incorrect to say the sensor is responsible for the smaller size of the MFT. It may contribute but the mirror increases the size and weight of the DSLR. And, the DSLR lens is longer to accommodate the distance of the focus point of the DSLR sensor.

It would take more to convince be otherwise.

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