MFT vs Mirrorless

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Plenty of reasons

Each person's reasons for choosing one over the other are their own.

The unique aspect of MFT that is lacking in other systems is variety. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let me illustrate:

MFT camera lineup - partial, just to show the range of shapes and sizes (and fit in a window)

Sony E camera lineup - that's what I call "not much choice"

Fuji X camera lineup - not bad, there's actually some variety here

Canon EF-M camera lineup - could be worse, but still basically limited to soapbar vs small DSLR

The same applies to lenses, only to much larger degree. Not only do you have the 14-800mm range covered, you have multiple choices in most focal length ranges and you can usually choose between affordable consumer option or an expensive no-compromise high-end option. No other mirrorless system has a choice of native lenses that Micro 4/3 has. There are still holes that some of us are waiting to be filled , but we're long past the essentials. The only APS-C system that has a nice and continually improving lens lineup is Fuji. Neither Sony nor Canon have lenses that would let you fully benefit from the larger sensor of their cameras.

As a result, such broad range of choices offered by MFT means that a lot of people can find exactly what they are looking for there. That's why people end up choosing MFT over something else.

Not to mention that Micro 4/3 can still do what no other APS-C mirrorless camera can (so far). For action shooters, there is no competitor to E-M1 Mark II. For video, there is no competitor to Panasonic (GH line especially). For pocketability, there is nothing that can beat GM5 (unfortunately, that point might soon become negated by the lack of successor to this great little camera). For macro work, there is nothing that can match Micro 4/3. There is no sexier camera on the market than PEN-F (ah, forgot to include it in the lineup above). And in every other area of photography you can find a Micro 4/3 kit that will be competitive with an APS-C kit.

In the end one chooses gear according to one's needs and personal preferences. That's why people are buying different things.

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