MFT vs Mirrorless

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Re: MFT vs Mirrorless

A fundamental difference between m43 and other formats in my use of them is that lens correction software is built into the electronics of m43 lenses and applied to the image in-camera whether raw or jpeg. I do not know if that is true of high end specialty cinema lenses in m43 mounts but it true for every Panasonic and Olympus lens I have used and those interested can research specifications for the m43 system.

When you open a raw m43 image made with an m43 lens, not an adapted lens, that image has been immutably altered before it leaves the camera.

In general I think that is a good thing as in practice vignetting, chromatic aberration and the other things that lens correction algorithms do in most raw converters and I assume most raw shooters at least look at if not habitually use have been optimized by the lens manufacturer. Doubtless there are users who would disagree.

Because of that lens correction software my experience has been that the basic level of performance of native m43 lens is generally less problematic than what I might expect from comparable lenses for other formats regardless of pricing tier.

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