MFT vs Mirrorless

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Re: MFT vs Mirrorless

lds2k wrote:

The title of this thread is misleading.  The Micro Four Thirds system is an example of a mirrorless interchangeable lens (MILC) system, not an alternate to one.

Background: Once upon a time MFT was the answer to the bulkiness of APC/FX DSLRs with their flapping mirror boxes that significantly contributed to the size of the camera and the size of the attached lenses.

Here we see the flaws of doing a size/weight comparison between FF/APS-C DSLRs and M4/3 MILCs, and attributing differences to the viewfinder technology.

Sensor size affects lens design, both in terms of required focal lengths, and in terms of required coverage area.

The M4/3 system ends up with the smallest, lightest lenses – NOT because it lacks the "flapping mirror" that mirrorless advocates so love to demonize – but because it has a small sensor; something that a new DSLR system could be designed to have, too.

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