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lds2k wrote:

Why go to a MFT when today's APC mirrorless camera body and lens combination are the same size or smaller than the current high performance MFT?

First Canon M series sucks and they don't support it with lenses. Sony is too busy focusing on their A7/A9 series and the only company focus on providing mirrorless system for the APS-C sensor is Fuji. Fuji pro lenses are often bigger than M43. Hell, the Fuji 100-400 looks even bigger than the Canon 100-400 mk ii.

The other thing your question doesn't make a lot of sense. It like saying why people with Full Frame cameras buying the 24-70mm 2.8 when they should stick to their kit lens because it's smaller. Why are you comparing kit lens from one format to pro lenses from another?

Background: Once upon a time MFT was the answer to the bulkiness of APC/FX DSLRs with their flapping mirror boxes that significantly contributed to the size of the camera and the size of the attached lenses. I started with MFT in 2012 with the Olympus EM 5 and although it produces terrific images I used it less and less. I originally went to MFT because I got tired of lugging around my Nikon D800 for day to day shooting. As it turned out I used the Nikon for special occasions. As someone said in this forum you don't see MFT at the Olympics.

I took my MFT gear to the Olympics multiple of times and one of the photographers was using the unreleased at the time aka Panasonic G5. That said how often do you see the A9, the Fuji X etc at the Olympics?

The other thing you're complaining MFT pro gear is bigger than crop sensor kit lenses but you're complaining pro photographers not using MFT kit lenses at the Olympics?

Then along came the serious mirrorless camera by SONY (I think). The camera was much smaller and the physics of lens design made many of the lenses smaller as well. However, over time this advantage started to diminish as mirrorless camera lenses got faster and faster (f2.8, f4).

If you made the lens fast focusing, wide aperture and in built stabilisation then the lens is going to grow in size. Also, I thought the A6000 was Sony first serious mirrorless camera and Sony stopped putting resources into those lenses. They are now fully committed into their FE format when it comes to lenses.

Then came the current crop of mirrorless APC camera and lenses and once again the size is as good or better than the current MFT offerings.

According to who? The only current first party mirrorless company delivering APC-S lenses is Fuji. So why are you making stuff up? Also Sony 5000/6000, Fuji X and Samsung NX came out before the Sony A7 and they are all APC-S.

So, Why go to a MFT when today's APC mirrorless camera body and lens combination are the same size or smaller than the current high performance MFT?

If you compare kit lens to kit lens, M43 will come out top. It like comparing DSLR slow lens to the Sony FE fast lenses, the DSLR lenses will win when it comes to size and weight.

If you want to shoot on Canon and Sony neglected APC-S mirrorless system then go ahead. I would rather shoot on MFT/Fuji pro lenses then play about with Canon cheap kit lenses.

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I personally I think you're trolling.

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