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A few years ago and I might have just bought something like this without hardly thinking. My Astrotrac 320 AG has served me really well since I first purchased it back in 2011, mind the horrible polar scope has done it's best to ruin things at times. Yes Rudy, the customer service has been a bit none existent too, not that I ever tried apart from having to wait 3 months for a reply to order a new polar scope. I ended up getting a Polemaster instead of risking another potentially dodgy polar scope.

If anything, the Fornax Lightrack II looks more appealing to me if I wanted something newer, even though it's weight limit is lacking.

Hi Steve,

Fornax now offers a declinaties unit, which should make it easier to load Some heavier equipment. I have used the Astrotrac dec unit with it and it workshop great as well.

You mean the counterbalance kit? It looks nice, but pricey. Also, I think the suggested weight limit is very conservative.

Sorry yes, that is my spelling correction at work:)

meant to say declination unit. But yeah the counterbalance kit. I can load it pretty heavy that way, but it is not ideal and abit shaky that way.

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