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Re: Stop defending people who troll sony

I told myself I should refrain from replying to your comments, but now that someone else has stepped in to reply to your posts, I feel the need to reply.

osv wrote:

kamituel wrote:

osv wrote:

kamituel wrote:

osv wrote:

Digital Imaging Technician wrote:

Ron Poelman wrote:

You've been sweating this since 2014 ?

The thread I referred to was not my own. So no, not really.

Tell you what, don't buy it.

Already ordered the thing, so sort of too late.

so you failed to research the camera before you bought it,

OP did learn about the distance measurement accuracy, so apparently he/she did some research.

only after he ordered the camera, as he clearly stated above... sounds like you didn't read what was posted.

if he had actually done research, why is he out here posting "questions"?

Maybe this issue is important enough for the OP to ask (and potentially discover a solution), but not important enough not to buy A7 III?

the point is that he didn't do "research" before buying the camera, so your claim that he "did learn" is wrong... as ron stated, "Tell you what, don't buy it."

This is so strange. The inability to set a hyperfocal distance is in no way a deal breaker. Why shouldn't I have bought the camera?

and now you are out here complaining about it.

Complaining? OP just asked a question...

read the thread title: "Does it still suck"

that's borderline trolling, it's not framed as a legit question.

Is it? The fact is that the number shown on screen when focusing manually is inaccurate.

correct, the o.p. is wasting his time with obsolete camera techniques, and so are you.

no camera system has an accurate distance indicator, bill covered some of that already... and there also aren't any hard stop infinity settings on most lenses these days.

"Suck" is not the word I'd use, but it's not far from the truth.

using the word "suck" to describe sony is borderline trolling, stop defending people who troll sony.

I used "suck" to describe a single feature in a camera made by Sony. You are willfully misinterpreting what I wrote.

i know that you want it to be relevant, but the best that you could come up with was a short thread from way back in 2014.

The way you phrase it suggest OP has some malicious intent,

see above...

Malicious intent is your guess. That OP is trolling is your guess as well.

using the word "suck" to describe sony is borderline trolling, stop defending people who troll sony.

Again, willfully misinterpreting.

you should probably be asking yourself why people don't care about it, and what shooting techniques they are using, that makes it irrelevant.

Asking is one of good ways of learning whether people care or not care about such things,

people not caring about his issue was obvious, based on the fact that he had to dredge up an old thread from 2014, as i already pointed out.

I care about this issue.

both you and the o.p. would be better served by learning how to using magnification and chimping to put the focal plane exactly where you want it.

instead of using sloppy guesswork and obsolete camera techniques.

Suggesting to use magnification as an alternative to setting the hyperfocal distance truly reveals your ignorance. Obsolete camera techniques? Please repeat that to many of the most prolific street photographers today.

You're attitude is not totally uncommon, but I must say that I find it distasteful. How one becomes so attached to a camera brand that an honest question and critique of a single feature in one of their (most excellent) cameras becomes a trolling attempt is to me mind-boggling. If the cause for paranoia is just post choice-supportive bias or a deeply rooted insecurity as photographer that makes some people identify too deeply with their gear, well that is up for discussion.

I currently use Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Sony gear and I strongly believe that we should be be criticizing and dissecting the technology we depend upon. If you call that trolling, well you're are not only negatively impacting the discourse, you're hindering progress.

Now, while you're busy fighting for Sony's honor I will attempt sticking to the topic in another part of this thread.

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