AstroTrac 360?

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Re: AstroTrac 360?

aramgrg wrote:

atigun wrote:

Not that I would even consider the AstroTrac 360, but from a technical viewpoint, I wonder how the friction drive would do at freezing temperatures with frost buildup everywhere, including the exposed friction wheels?

I must also say I am a little lost as to where the camera/ball head goes, especially when used in compact mode with only one of the units.

I used my Lightrack II very extensively this winter. The lowest temp I tried was -18c! Both X-T2 and lightrack were going strong.

I wrote to the Fornax tech department in Hungary in January and explained that I was from Canada where I have imaged with the Star Adventurer at -32 degrees Celsius without any issues and asked if the LightTrack II could handle those temps.

To their credit they did not make any unsubstantiated claims, but wrote that one of their staff had used it at -22 C with no problems and that they did not foresee any even at -32 C.


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