Photographing houses in my suburban neighborhood

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Re: Photographing houses in my suburban neighborhood

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I just bought a house in a community of older (1910s to 1940s) brick and stone houses. I love the architecture. Do you think it will bother neighbors or get me off to a bad start if I walk around the community periodically taking pictures of the houses with my DSLR? I might take 5 +/- pictures of certain individual houses each time. I could use my G7X II or even cell phone to be a little more subtle. I'd love to do this periodically to photograph different lighting, colors, weather conditions, etc. I could perhaps stick to the mid morning on weekdays when I'm off and fewer people would notice. Or is it just a bad idea? I'm not asking for legal advice - I know I can take pictures from the road. It's more a question of social norms.

I would do it, but exercise a bit more self-restraint. Periodically taking pictures? 5 +/- shots of certain houses each time? People might see that as a bit odd. But I often take pictures of houses in residential areas, and only once has anyone commented. As with most of these 'privacy' issues, common sense and good manners should be your guide.

I suspect it would be much better if I just used my cell phone. Then it looks like a spontaneous decision to take a picture rather than activity. I've occasionally taken a couple of cell phone pictures. Here is one example of the houses. I love this period of architecture.

Including the fake stone?

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