How to disable some Adobe utilities?

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Re: How to disable some Adobe utilities?

bent christian wrote:

Saint 112 wrote:

Hi all
I recently updated Adobe Bridge and I am very happy with it but it installed other stuff too that are automatically launched at start-up:

  • Adobe Desktop Service
  • Creative Cloud
  • CCLibrary
  • CCXProcess
  • Core Sync
  • Core Sync Helper

which amount to more than 400 MB in RAM. I don’t subscribe to CC so some of them seem useless to me.
There is yet another one, softwareupdated, that I suspect belongs to Adobe too and that hogs almost 500 MB. Actually I wonder which ones are actually necessary?
Some years ago I was given a Terminal command to kill this kind of stuff but I can’t find the reference. It came from Adobe.
Do you have a clue?

I just started working for the day, but all of what you listed adds up to 233.7MB for me.

I did the math according to Activity Monitor values.

I don't have a Creative Cloud application running (but running CC). As mentioned, softwareupdated is Apple. I advise going into you startup applications and removing what is unnecessary.

As I said, there is practically nothing in the Startup panel.

And educate yourself about how modern memory management works. You don't seem to have a very good understanding.

I wish I did… otherwise I wouldn't need to ask questions. With Apple everything is opaque since, in Cupertino's viewpoint, the user is a dummy… otherwise he would use a PC.

You are welcome if you  could reference some material to educate myself.


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