Why Pentax should NOT go mirrorless (yet)

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Re: Why Pentax should NOT go mirrorless (yet)

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I think Fujifilm did kind of the smart thing by going with APS-C and medium format and not bothering with anything in between. (But they weren't trying to support a lens mount that dates back into the days of film.)

It was our choice to ask Pentax for a FF, and then to buy it. So it was the right thing to do.

Fuji users... don't have that choice. I'm surprised you consider that an advantage...

But before the K-1 even existed, Pentax was already running APS-C sensors in a legacy film lens mount designed and sized for FF, and they already had a mix of lenses, some designed for film and others optimized for APS-C. So it was already messy whether they produced a FF digital camera or not.

Don't know what you mean by "messy." If you mean something negative then I disagree. The fact that I could use my film-ear lenses was one of the largest reasons I bought a K-1. Recently, I have been so enamoured of these old lenses that I've been buying more of them. Pentax users that claim they don't have enough lenses (meaning "new lenses") don't know what they're missing.

Yes we do know what we are missing.

We are missing a family of modern designed for digital lenses.

Pretty much what I said. You are "missing new lenses," but the excellently designed and highly prized film-era gems will in many cases be just as good or better than the newer lenses in terms of IQ which is pretty much Pentax's forte: IQ in stills.

We should be happy about having to play eBAy roulette to get used thirty year old designed lenses for use on a 36mp modern DSLR camera?





With Fujilm there is engineering purity: APS-C sensors in an all-electronic APS-C sized mount with APS-C lenses. It's clean, it's simple, it's optimized. And now they have their MF line, but it isn't expected to inter-operate with the APS-C line, so everything is still kept simple.

There's no way we'd have one "industry standard". No camera company well established on the market would give up on their own mount (and user base!) to pursue an "industry standard"... and even less so if that would be a competitor's mount.

ehh… Once upon a time we did have industry standard lens mounts. We had M42 thread mount, and later we had K-mount. My first SLR was a Sears KS-2, made by Ricoh (same as the Ricoh XR7, a true classic!), that accepted Pentax K-mount lenses.

One problem now is that companies have abused patent and copyright laws to prevent their standards from being accessed by third parties. Those laws were not meant to work that way. If they were interpreted and enforced as they were supposed to, then there would be nothing Sony (for example) could do to prevent other companies from reverse-engineering FE-mount and producing their own FE bodies and lenses. A "de facto standard" would probably arise in time, naturally, in the marketplace, just as M42 did back in its day.

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