How to disable some Adobe utilities?

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Re: How to disable some Adobe utilities?

Hi folks, I am back after a busy Saturday.

Thanks for your quick responses.

I should have mentionned I am running El Capitan.

graybalanced wrote:

I have decided not to micromanage all those things. The amount of RAM stated may not be the amount actually used, because a large portion of it may be compressed or swapped out unless actively in use. Just because this or that minor process says it uses 400MB or 500MB will not prevent a more critical process from requesting what it needs from the OS.

As a matter of fact I don't understand in the Activity Monitor what the columns Real Memory, Compressed Memory, Memory and Purgeable Memory exactly refer to.

There are so many of those mini processes that even if you do manually override them, it would be a lot of work to keep up with them as they change or get updated or added with new software and OS updates, sometimes automatically. If you disable them, the next time the software updates, the update installer will often notice the disabled components and "fix" the installation by re-enabling everything so you have to start over. And there are so many of them, where do we stop...Dropbox? Password manager? Auto backup?

I have already been burned several times after tossing stuff that seemed useless and that were actually indispensable. I am very cautious now.


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