Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

Started Mar 5, 2018 | Discussions thread
FXuser New Member • Posts: 20
Re: Tenba Cooper Slim 13 vs Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

I have used Domke bags for many years so naturally like the Cooper. I really tried to like the Peak Design 13 but ended up selling it and getting the Cooper. The Peak Design is stiffer and less conforming to your body. It comes with those 2 origami dividers which I thought were genious until using them. They are rigid and fold only in a predetermined positions. When arranging equipment, there was always a lot of dead space especially when stacking as there would always be a gap over the lower lens simply because the way the origami divider would fold. I ended up using other dividers from another system. When carrying the Peak Design, it it always felt like I was carrying a stiff box rather than a messenger bag. Regarding a tripod, I like to carry tripods on a separate strap. All this is very subjective so it's best to try things out yourself.

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