The future of pentax in the mirrorless world

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Re: The future of pentax in the mirrorless world

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Again, you miss the point. You seem to want the abilities of Live View and the abilities of an OVF without having to decide between the two. Your other arguments are outdated

Sorry have you responded to the right message ?

I have.

No one looking through an optical viewfinder ever says "gee what I need here is to being looking at miniature LCD"

Focus peaking?

Focus peaking is a workaround for the EVF's limited resolution. What it does is not dissimilar to the microprisms found in older viewfinders... except without it you can't focus.

Mmh except focus peaking is much better to achieve fast and precise focusing?

Is it?

It's like a microprism focusing aid. Where manufacturers are falling down is forgetting this and making cameras with non interchangeable screens.

That and zebras are a bless for managing the exposure and focusing of your shot, especially under though lighting conditions like concerts or at night when an OVF is pretty much "black".

Is it?

It would be except for the viewfinder lag that these cameras suffer in really low light.

I did that for years without an EVF sure, but know that I'm used to it the OVF feels very "retro". Love that feeling though, and frankly even if I got quite good at nailing an exposure trough an OVF the manual focusing without liveview is painful.

I guess using your own eyes feels very "retro". Did you consider replacing them with cameras?

I think we are seeing a bit of hyperbole here.

Magnification? Shooting video through the viewfinder?

That's an advantage only if you're shooting video.

There are many technical advantages to a modern EVF that you choose to blatantly ignore.

And there are many disadvantages which won't be easily eliminated.

In time a good EVF will look like pretty much like the real worl for your eyes.

"In time". Bah. I don't care about imaginary viewfinders from an imaginary future, I have something that works, now.

All of the EVF arguments are centered on in time this and in time that. What i would like to know is which decade they mean by "in time"

With tech like Gsync/Freesync, insane dpi, hdr with broader colors, stunning whites and deep blacks the main issue is mostly the imaging sensor nowadays.

Meaningless random words.

Isn't word stew a lovely thing?

Electronic viewfinders are worse than optical ones,

You state that as if it's fact.

It is, for many of us.

and if you are going to dispense with the optical viewer finder what is the point of the "hold the camera to your eye" way of working.

A little thing called "ergonomics"?

"outdated" is a dreamer's reaction to be confronted with reality.

And your reality is that OVFs are here to stay and everyone who may prefer an EVF is deluding themselves?

It's the EVF fans aggressively pushing for an EVF-only world. Generally OVF users are fine with both choices coexisting.


The thing is most ovf will leave the market in time since they will become slowly obsolete, but don't worry that will take some time.

And why do you folks feel the need to state this, over and over and over and over again?

It's called repeating a lie often enough so that low information people will believe it to be true, and start repeating it themselves.

Evf are merely starting to exploit their potential, things like Eye af are only a glimpse at what future ergonomics of photography will look like. Things like focus peaking, zebras and all theses useful features will be replaced by smarter augmented reality overlays based on machine learning and object recognition, flash simulations in real time or even subject movement prediction..

Nothing useful. I don't want to play Tetris in the viewfinder, I want to see through it.

Yup. The problem with EVFs is that the manufacturers forget what the viewfinder's primary function is, and pile so much optical junk into them that the image is forgotten.

Just a matter of living with modern tech, you can still shoot with a manual focusing film slr if you want and that's fine.

And ended with utter BS. Really... could you folks stop being condescending for a minute?

I don't think they can. It's part of the mantra.

Not using something which doesn't work for me (the EVF) is not the same as avoiding everything modern. It's simply common sense.



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