Sony A7 + Metabones V + Canon TS-E 17mm : Chromatic aberration ? Light spilling ?

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Re: Sony A7 + Metabones V + Canon TS-E 17mm : Chromatic aberration ? Light spilling ?

SimonOL wrote:

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

SimonOL wrote:

Your images look similar to those taken to illustrate the sensor reflection issue with the original Sony A7, later rectified in the A7II. Those images are typically taken at night time with bright light sources such as streetlights showing green flares/ghosts. Maybe the bright daylight & deep shadows in your shots are producing a subtle version of this effect :-/

One way to know whether this is the cause is to shoot the same shot with a different lens (same settings) and compare the images - if it is sensor related the effect should show no matter which lens is used.

Actually, different lenses will react differently to light sources being reflected back through them by the sensor.

Some lenses apparently don't show those reflections at all, others (haiving different curvatures and perhaps with less effective coatings on the rear elements) may show it much more.

I wondered whether that might be the case - I don't have any direct experience with the original A7...

Are there any lenses known to be particularly perceptible (maybe the OP could try one of those to see if the effect is similar to what they're getting with the Canon TS lens) or any known not to produce these reflections?

I have the A7 and used to use it a lot. I've never noticed the sensor reflection problem, but also rarely shoot night or artificially lit scenes with the lights in the image. It's also possible that the lenses I use with it aren't especially sensitive or reactive to sensor reflections.

Easiest solution is if the OP can get hold of a series "II" or "III" camera and see if it behaves the same. Maybe shoot one at lights in  a camera shop, with the A7 along as the control sample?

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