35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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Re: 35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

I had the sigma 35mm on a d750 and Sony 35mm on a a7riii together and shot dozens of frames side by side fit comparison.

my Sony 35mm resolves much more but this could be due to the higher pixel count on the a7riii and sharpness is definately not an issue. The MAIN issue with the Sony is purple and green fringing u see at branches in front of a bright background. I am not sure how sigma does it but the is virtually no Color fringing on the sigma. The Color fringing when it happens is Super obvious on the Sony but easily fixed or reduced in ACR.

i did look at the Bokeh on side by side shot and found the Bokeh on the Sony a bit better but it’s really subjective. I kept the Sony mainly because it focuses very well and the Color fringing is not a deal breaker but it annoys me sometimes....

frankly focusing accuracy is the biggest problem I have as a missed focused shot is not recoverable... I am glad to say that Sony is better than my d750 with the sigma 35mm

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