The Eta Carina Nebula

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Re: The Eta Carina Nebula

rnclark wrote:

I imaged Eta Carina from Hawaii in difficult conditions. Eta Carina never gets above about 10 degrees altitude from my location on the Big Island of Hawaii at the 9200 foot elevation level of Mauna Kea. Further, there was a lot of haze from the volcano, and I was imaging in the direction of the erupting volcano. And finally it was breezy, which is a challenge for my astrotrac carrying a 300 f/2.8 lens. So I opted for only 30 second exposures.

Very good result! I've been looking forward to seeing a good benchmark to aim towards, and this looks perfect.

At the start, Eta Carina was only 8 degrees high in haze, and at the end of 43 minutes of integration time it was only 10 degrees high and still hazy.

Sounds like it would be impossible to get a good result!

Images I made after the Eta Carina set started to show banding. Then my battery died. So perhaps the banding starts when the battery is low. Anyone else seen this?

Not me.

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