35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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Re: 35mm 1.4 ZA Lens vs. Sigma 1.4 Art Lens

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With that said, with Sigma embracing full frame E-mount, what's the consensus on that vs. the 35mm 1.4 ZA?

I am Sigma Art owner and have tried the FE 35 1.4 twice and retuned them twice, due to de-Center issue. However, I did use my friend's "good copy" so I do know what this lens is capable of.

if I can get a 'good copy", I would prefer to use the Sony 35 for portrait and Sigma 35 Art for landscape. The Sony have better ( smotther) Bokeh than the Sigma, but has lots of fringing too, but the Sigma is significantly sharper center and edge, therefore I would use them for different application. But now my solution is the CAnon 35 F1.4 L II, it's even sharper than the Sigma and has great bokeh at the same time, so it's the combination of Sigma and FE 35.

How did you go about checking if a lens is decentered or not? Is there a way to check it without using test chart and stuff like that?

Yes, it is called Gletscherbruch Test.

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